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Friday 19th November: Hugo Spiers (UCL Spatial Cognition director)

Testing spatial cognition in over 3.8 million people world-wide via a smartphone app: Insights from project Sea Hero Quest

Billions of people engage daily in online games via apps on smartphones or tablets. Collecting data collected in such games provides a valuable resource to understand the impact of culture on cognition and to extract insights in the impact of behaviour over the life-span. In this talk I will discuss how we achieved testing 3.8 million people world-wide with our mobile app Sea Hero Quest, and what the results have revealed, such as an explanation for gender differences, how navigation skill declines over the life-time and what factors predict which countries produce the best navigators. Finally the talk will explore how such research could provide the foundation for clinical screening and disease monitoring tools in Alzheimer’s dementia.

Talk will be on the 19th of November, in Zoom, 4pm CEST Attendance is FREE:

https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87317303682?pwd=ajhYald4azhlWFFEVTAzNDFkeGcyZz09 For further information: abc.labs6.0@gmail.com

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