Neuro-Aestethics Journal Club

You are all invited to join the next sessions of the Neuro-aesthetics Journal Club!

The email of the group (abclab60) has been added to the email list.

The main aim of this reading group would be to foster a space for a conversation between history of art, aesthetics, history of philosophy, and neuroscience. The reading group has been planned to be held every 3 weeks with 2-hours sessions, with the method consisting of a short presentation on specific topics by participants, followed by a discussion. Hopefully, this would inspire both the neuroscientific and the historical side to take into consideration each other's methods while conducting their own research and gain a more holistic view on the topics.

A twofold perspective the reading group has to face: (a) to what extent Neuroscience is a tool for research in Aesthetic and, the other way round, (b) to what extent Aesthetic is a tool for research in Neuroscience. The ongoing research in neuroaesthetics is affected by an imbalance in favor of (b). Therefore, in light of this (im)balance, where is the place of Neuro-Aesthetics?


12th of May

29th of May

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