TAMAR MAKIN Talk -- June 22nd

Technological embodiment

To successfully design devices for the human body, engineers often view the body itself as the ideal design template. Similarly, for individuals missing a limb, the development of artificial prosthetic limbs often centers on embodiment as the goal: focusing device design and control on becoming more like our biological bodies. But ultimately, the success of artificial limb will critically depend on its neural representation in our brains. Importantly, neurocognitive resources might differ radically, depending on the user’s life experiences and needs. Tamar Makin, professor in Cognitive Neuroscience (Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, University College London, UK), will present a series of studies where she investigated the neural basis of artificial limb use for both substitution and augmentation technologies.

Tamar Makin ZOOM Talk will be on the 22nd of June, 4.30 pm GMT+2

Attendance is FREE but registration is compulsory,

For further information and registration: abc.labs6.0@gmail.com

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